17th December 2015 08:39


Updated download links.

I have put back version 1.6 for Windows for downoad
(just because this is the gameplay settings i prefer, real oldschool! )

A link to the Ubuntu version has also been added into download section.

Concerning future versions, I would like to work on it but it seems that nobody cares about the game itself so.. no hurry :)

17th September 2013 09:16

Version 1.7 is OUT!

An IOS version is available on iTunes!
Gnu/Linux and Mac OSX versions have not been updated yet until someone is interested...
And unfortunately Bada version has been discontinued for ever.

12th May 2012 08:00

Samsung BADA version!

Available for devices running firmware 2.0.
You can get it from Samsung apps.

29th April 2012 20:00

ANDROID version!

Available for devices running firmware 2.3+ or above.
Just get it from GooglePlay or from the download section now!.
(Please don't forget to rate it!)

5th March 2012 14:58

GNU/Linux version 1.6.1!

This is a bug fix release related to an installation path problem.
(Thanks to Livio for the bug report)
Get it from the download section now!.

1st March 2012 14:46

Meldrian from 'Holarse Spielen Unter Linux' has posted a nice video & review today:

1st March 2012 11:09

Mac OSX PowerPC version 1.6 (Beta1)

Is awaiting for your feedback dear PPC users!
 Let me know if you're able to hear music (intro/ingame/extro) and if it runs at a decent speed?
I'm only using an Emulator (PearPC for Dev and testing so.. i don't know really :)
Please get it from the download section.

24th February 2012 09:09

Version 1.6 is out!
And is available for all supported platforms as:
Gnu/Linux - Mac OSX and Windows.
 Special thanks to the Beta testers from the Linux community!

This version is a major update and brings online high scores shared for all platforms!
 But there are also many bug fixes with gameplay, collisions and physics.
Try it and put your name into the hall of fame! :-)

(...PowerPC version is on the go...)

16th February 2012 09:28

 Beta testers Needed for GNU/Linux Version 1.6!
Still a few steps to go before this major update!
And I need your help!

Please contact me by email to apply!

08th August 2011 18:10

Furiod website is back online!

03th April 2010 09:59

There should be an update coming someday for all versions
online high scores will be reseted and *cheaters* that are editing the high.score file will be purged

For the moment, the
Linux version is back for download and yes, i'm aware of the Mosx packaging problem.

26th December 2009 09:00

LINUX Version 1.5.1 is out!

you can get it NOW from the
download section

24th December 2009 15:45

MacOSX Version 1.5 is out!

This is for x86 Mac of course.
Happy X86-mos everybody!! :-)

you can get it NOW from the download section

23th December 2009 12:01

FURIOD.COM will close the door on 31/12/2009.
This is mainly due to TOO MUCH hacking there.
The main website will be hosted at:

20th December 2009 18:19

LINUX Version 1.5 is out!

Here we are with a synced Linux version of the game! :-)
It uses InstallJammer for installation and game resources are much more compliant for a deb package!

Enjoy and let's give feedback or die! :-)
get it NOW from the download sexy section

Finally, the Intel MosX should say: HeY really soon...

17th October 2009 10:14

WIN32 Version 1.5 is out!
(windows version *only*)

This is a AGAIN a *bugfix* release!
As you may have noticed it was impossible to add a new score
using previous version.

Hopefully it is now fixed and we can get back to the fight! :)

Also added a desription of Furiod's rules into readme.txt.

get it NOW from the download section and enjoy!! :)

11th October 2009 10:03

Version 1.4 is out!
(windows version *only*)
This is a *bugfix* release!

Nice match to see fighters!, and the others just check out the high-scores!! ;-)
(Now we are reaching the interesting part eh?)

Thanks again to:
 Joeblade/Chazna for Batch files used for Sid -> Wav files conversion.
People at for hosting scores Db!!

30st September 2009 08:39

Important notice:

The 1.3 update is concerning the win32 version *ONLY*
Linux version should be updated before xmas ^^

Linux version remains 1.0
(simply check the readme.txt)

People interested with Linux 1.3 betatesting can drop me a mail.

10 September 2009 08:01

crilou playing
CRiLou Fighting for the 1st entry? :)
She's using
fullscreen reversed screen (called cabinet mode)

simply replace furiod.cfg into installation directory with this one:
DOWNLOAD: Furiod.cfg  <-for cabinet mode!
dirty video of the dirty desktop:

1st September 2009 22:31

Version 1.3 is out!
(windows version *only*)

Now featuring internet HIGH SCORES!
(time to fight!)
Thanks again to:
 Joeblade/Chazna for Batch files used for Sid -> Wav files conversion.
People at for hosting scores Db!!

13 August 2009 16:15

A new 
forum has been created!
It's available from the 
support section.
check it out! we are looking forward to hear about you! :)= 

27 May 2009 09:04

Version 1.2 is out!
Very nice work,ideas and motivation by Joeblade!

The game is *not* using PCM files anymore for ingame tunes, (which were about 912 MB uncompressed data) but now uses Sidplay2 during loading.

It now needs 64MB as extra memory but the game package has fallen down to
16MB which is great! :-)


26 April 2009 12:33

win32 version has been updated to 1.1 and it's available from the
download section

Thanks to Whiterabbit and Midori for having reported the bug!

27 July 2008 14:48

...some screenshots...

6 January 2008 18:26

Furiod website is now open! :)





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